3 of 6 - Exercises for energy & a strong immune system

3 of 6 - Exercises for energy & a strong immune system

The third article in the series - 6 ways to stay healthy and happy despite Covid-19

You have probably heard that exercising is good for your health. Maybe you think that exercise is all about high intense training such as running, swimming, skiing, football etc.
But you don´t need to do these kinds of sports in order to have positive effects for your health – with yoga you have it all, and even more!

// Yoga gives you all the good effects and it´s not even sweaty (if you don´t want to)!!

During my 17 years of practicing yoga, I´ve experienced the benefits myself and also helped many others to improve their health and wellbeing. Positive health effects of yoga are among others:

• Strong muscles and joints
• Increased mobility
• Improved sleep
• Stimulated digestion and balanced metabolism
• Regulated hormone system
• Strengthened immune system
• Improved oxygen uptake
• Better focus
• Relaxation and mental replenishment
• And much more….

Since I believe yoga is a fantastic way to improve health and in these times of covid-19, I´ve created a yoga session which will boost your energy and immune system.
Why not try it and experience it yourself!

Just click on this link and you´ll come to Youtube to see the yoga session.
In English
In Swedish

If you would like to create your own yoga session that boost your energy and immune system, choose asanas such as:

• Pranayama – (breathing exercises) bring oxygen to every cell, detox, tranquility
• Twists – massage for intestines and organs, improve circulation and digestion, detox, gives energy
• Backbends – opens chest and heart, improve breathing, gives energy, joy and courage
• Side stretch – improved flexibility, massage for liver, bladder and spleen
• Stretch inside leg and hip flexors – improve function in liver, spleen, kidneys and lymphatic system.
• Relaxation – Visualizing your good health, grateful for your strong immune system and that every organ works just as it should. Fill yourself with tranquility, gratitude and joy.


What are you doing today, in these infectious times, to preserve your health?  Comment below!

Create your life to be magical, and live with passion.
Lotta & Michael

Overview: 6 ways to stay healthy and happy (with high energy and a strong immune system)

1. Practice Gratitude
2. Go out, be in nature
3. Exercise regularly – exercises for energy and a strong immune system
4. Deep breathing – energize yourself
5. Make sure you have the right PH-balance:
    a. Drink a lot of water, with lemon in.
    b. Eat healthy (a lot of vegetables and fruit)
6. Do things that you like – it charges you and fills you with good vibes

With this overview you can start right away!

If you would like some guidance on how to do and why it works, I will present each of the ways in more detail in separate blog articles.
Just keep your eyes open and in the near future you will have gathered all six ways, so that you can boost your health and happiness whenever you like.


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