How to create your life VISION [Self-guided exercise]

How to create your life VISION [Self-guided exercise]

Your life vision is a powerful expression of your life purpose. It is a vivid and realistic depiction of the life you want to live—a future that captures the spirit of who you are and what you stand for, once you live in harmony with your defined life purpose.

Your vision is guiding light, acting as inspiration and motivation for where you want your life to go.  It gives you an alignment with your defined purpose in life.  That is what makes it so powerful.  And below you will find an exercise to assist you to create your vision.


1. Reflect on Your Life Purpose (10 minutes):

   - Start by reviewing your freshly created life purpose statement.

   - Consider how your mission relates to your values, strengths, and passions.

2. Imagine Your Ideal Future (20 min):

   - Visualize your life in 5, 10, or 20 years from now, fully aligned with your purpose.

   - Visualize different areas, such as profession, relationships, personal development, and lifestyle.

   - Take note of specific features, emotions, and successes in this future situation.

3. Determine Key Areas (15 Minutes):

   - Divide your desired future into important categories such as career, relationships, health, and personal development.

   - Determine the key factors in each area that contribute to your overall life vision.

4. Prepare a Vision Statement (20 minutes):

   - Condense your desired future and goals into a succinct vision statement.

   - Use uplifting words and strong pictures to portray the spirit of your ideal life.

   - Use present tense and positive language

   - Include all your five senses: Vision, Auditory, Taste, Touch & Smell

  • What do you see in your vision?
    • Light | Dark, Focus | Unfocus, Bright | Dark Color, Colorful | Blend, Far away | Close, Associated | Disassociated
  • What do you hear in that vision?
    • Loud | Quiet, Fast | Slow, High | Low pitch
  • What do you smell?
    • Pine, wet grass, ….
  • What do you taste in your vision?
    • Sea-salt in the air, burned red-wood, …
  • What do you touch? How does it feel?
    • Rugged | Smooth, Hot | Cold, Warm | Chilly, Wet | Dry

Using the underlined visual attributes above make your vision much more powerful.    If you want to maximize your vision, then be in it, as if you saw your vision from your own eyes (associated) and not as if you were watching a movie (dissociated).  make it light and bright, with bright colors.  Make it close and enhaced detailed, all in focus.  Use sound, smell and taste as what attracts and appeal to you.  Use touch and feelings like something warm and smooth.  That is attractive to the mind.



“I am a renowned and respected coach and infopreneur in the arena of personal development and success performance.  I live a happy and fulfilled life with my partner, a life filled with joy, love, gratitude and abundance, travelling the world.  I spread the knowledge of abundance and successes and life fulfillment, as well as the choice of personal potential and realization of goals and dreams.  I contribute to Save the children and volunteer my time as well as my money, experiencing the children to grow to powerful adults.”

The above example can be made much more attractive using details for all five senses.  This example was mainly to emphasize to write your vision declaration in present tense.  Keep at it, and make your vision magical!!

5. graphic depiction (20 minutes):

  - Create a graphic depiction of your personal vision. This could include a vision board, a drawing, as well as the written description.

   - Include images or words that symbolize crucial aspects of your ideal future.

6. Reflect and Refine (15 min):

   - Take a step back and consider your life vision.

   - Consider whether it genuinely aligns with your life purpose.

   - Make any changes or revisions as necessary.

7. Regular Review (10 minutes):

   - Schedule regular evaluations to refresh your life vision.

   - As your understanding grows or circumstances change, adjust your goals and vision statement accordingly.

Creating a life vision is a continual effort. It is about transforming your purpose into an inspirational visual future that directs your goals, and eventually actions and decisions. This self-guided exercise offers a structured way to articulate and visualizing the life you want to live in accordance with your purpose.


Live passionately and go an make wonders

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