How to create the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN [self-guided exercise]

How to create the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN [self-guided exercise]

Mapping Your Own Massive Action Plan (MAP): Bringing Your Ideas to Life

A Massive Action Plan (MAP) is the link that connects your objectives to concrete, significant actions. With the use of this self-guided exercise, you will be able to develop a roadmap for realizing your vision by breaking down your goals into manageable actions. You can move yourself closer to living a life that is in line with your purpose by taking tremendous action.



  • Your MASSIVE ACTION PLAN is created to achieve your GOALS
  • Your GOALS realize your VISION
  • Your VISION describes your life when you live your PURPOSE

1. review your goals and vision (15 minutes)

   - Review your life vision and set goals to help you reconnect with your purpose and desires.

   - Consider each goal's importance within the larger framework of your life vision.

2. Create yearly and qarterly overview (15minutes)

   - Go back to your list with the goals that you want to achieve within 1 year

   - You only process the 1 year goals

The reason for this is that;

  1. All other (long-term) goals are more as a compass showing you your future direction
  2. Once you start setting goals and working towards their achievements, you will accomplish so much and create so much results that all other goals may need to be redefined.

   - Depending on the deadline for your goal, write down your goal on the Quarterly Overview for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.

   - Depending on the deadline for your goal, write down your goal on the Monthly Overview January to December.

The reason for you to write down your goals in the Quarterly and Monthly Overview is to create an awareness about what goals you need to achieve when.

You may need to break down your yearly goal into smaller sub-goals, easier to achieve, just as you may need to break down your 10, and 20 years goals into your 1 year, 2 years and 3 years goal.

Daily planning (30 – 60 minutes)

Remember:  Daily planning is always done the day before.

The daily planning is where you define the activities you need to do that day in order to reach one step closer to your goal outcome

  - Read up on all your yearly goals

  - Focus on maximum 3 goals at the same time

The 5-step process of creating the activities plan for each day:

  • Brainstorm and capture what outcome you want to reach for a specific goal at this particular day (and days to come)
  • (separate procedure which you need to do first)
  • Commit to putting in the work, engaging any resources you need. Delegate responsibilities.
  • Block time in your calendar, where you do nothing else than to work on your target outcome. Schedule meetings needed.
  • Remember to celebrate your winnings, highlights and magic moments. Create many micro-wins and stack them on top of each other.

Creating your Massive Action List (30 minutes)

Creating your Massive Action List, is creating an exact plan on how to achieve you desired target for the specific day, week and months to come.

This is a 9-step process on how you will achieve your short-term daily, weekly or monthly target.

  • For each target outcome you want to work on (remember: max 3 at a time):
    1. Write down your UTLIMATE OUTCOME (your desired results)
    2. Write down your ULTIMATE PURPOSE (your WHY behind the results)
    3. Write down ALL the ACTIVITIES | ACTIONS that you need to do to achieve the goal
    4. Write down if it is a A, B or C goal
    5. Prioritize your activities according to Bubbelsort
      The reason you want to sort your activities is that, if you perform activities from a sorted list, you may achieve your desired outcome by performing just a few activities but not all of them.
      But if you just work on the activities from an unprioritized activities list, you may need to take the time and energy to perform ALL your activities because be that you perform the KEY activity last.
    6. Prioritize your goal according to Important & Urgent
    7. Write down the estimated time to finish the activity (TIME / DURATION)
    8. Write down the name or signature of the person that you may delegate the activity to (LEVERAGE)
    9. Write down if it is a KEY activity, meaning that it is a MUST activity for you to be able to reach the daily, weekly and monthly desired outcome (KEY ITEM)

This is how you do Bubbelsort to sort your activities:

  1. Compare the first two activities
  2. If you could only do one of them, which one would be most important?  Put that as number 1, the other one as number 2.
  3. Take the next activity on your list.  Compare it to the 1st activity on your prioritized list of two activities, in the same way you did before: If you could only do one, which one is most important?  Compare the new activity to all activities on your list, until you put the new activity in the correct position on your sorted list.
  4. Do the same for all activities
  5. When finished you will have list of sorted activities and in what order to perform them
    1. The reason you want to sort all activities like this is that it may be enough to do the first few activities to achieve you goal.  Therefore the order of performance is vital.

This is how you do the Important / Urgent priority sort of your daily target outcome:

    • This is important for you. Things you can do by choice. This is the ZONE where you want to spend your time
    • This is most often emergency situations. Things you need to act on immediately to avoid negative consequences.
    • This is activities that is not important for you to perform to reach your outcome, but for some reason it is deemed urgent. Most often this is an activity that is important to someone else, and they want you to perform the activity.
    • This is an activity that you should ignore. This activity is NOT YOURS.

You do this sort on the daily, weekly and monthly target outcome.  The purpose of this sorting is to figure out if you should do the activities for the target or not.  You should only do the activities connected to a desired outcome that is important to you, not to someone else.

Taking huge action is deciding to take control of your world. You may turn your vision into a dynamic, workable plan that moves you closer to leading a life that aligns with your purpose by completing this self-guided exercise. Accept the journey, maintain your attention on your MAP, and observe how deliberate, persistent activity may change your life.


Live passionately and go and make wonders

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