Social media video app altering your appearance

Social media video app altering your appearance

Emily Clarkson showed how damaging unrealistic beauty standards are by altering her physique in a video.

Celebrities and social media stars that recognize Photoshopping are always welcome. One Instagram influencer showed how easy it is to change your body.
Emily Clarkson used editing software to change her appearance in a recent video.

"I think by now we’re all aware that video editing software exists. But I think something that we don’t quite appreciate is the extent of it,” the 28-year-old claimed at the beginning of the clip that we don't appreciate its extent.
Clarkson, whose father is Jeremy Clarkson, showed how editing apps can deceive.

 “I can stand here right now in front of you with my real body, but I can also use an app to make my waist smaller. I can make my hips a little bit wider, I can make my boobs bigger," Emily said as her figure transformed, she stated.

 Clarkson then changed her height, neck, shoulders, and legs. As the screen changed, the 28-year-old moved around.

“I can exist on your screen portraying a body that I don’t own. I can even change my face. I can change the structure of it, the color of my eyes," she said. "I can be anything I want to be using apps — and I don’t have to tell you.” 

Clarkson ended her video with a message.

“So please let this be a reminder the next time you feel insecure because you’ve seen something on Instagram, that it is very easy to manipulate the image here,” she remarked.

Clarkson's fans complimented her for showing how video editing may distort body image expectations.

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(Source articel: Woman goes viral for exposing how social media editing apps can totally alter your body)

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