Path to excellence & mastery: Stage 2 - Survive & Analyze

Stage 2 - Survive & Analyze - Path to excellence & mastery

The 2:nd stage in personal growth and development on The path to Excellence & Mastery.

Once you have become aware and taken the necessary decision that a change is necessary and vital for your continued survival, then you need to analyze your current situation and need the most basic tools to back up your decision.
These tools are mainly about creating structure, setting habits, dealing with the most basic day-today situations and challenges, creating the basis for the future life of what they dream and desire.
Stage 2 is all about starting that process towards something better, by analyzing the current situation and what it is in current values, behaviors, thinking, habits and actions that has created the life of today.
Stage 2 contains analytic tools and self-evaluations to show what has created the current situation.

Design your life

Congratulations!  You have now taken the first step towards your personal growth and development.

And before moving on, creating your life according to your dreams & desires, you first and foremost need the tools and resources to survive and go through your current situaton, whatever that might be.  

Once you have all the tools and resources you need to mnanage your current situation, you will eventually need to move on to Stage 3 - Planning.


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