Path to excellence & mastery: Stage 1 - Conscious awareness & decision to change

Stage 1 - Conscious awareness & decision to change - Path to excellence & mastery

The 1:st stage in personal growth and development on The path to Excellence & Mastery.


The first level in all change is to become aware that a change is needed.

But you need to come to a certain point of anger, fear or frustration to realize that change is needed, and make the decision to actually change.

At this stage, ytou don't need so many tools, but more education and information that your life don't need to be as it is, for you to realize that a change is needed.

Stage 1 contains education and information material, showing that a different life is possible and by what means.
At the same time everyone needs the tools to manage the current situation in life, not cracking under pressure. This stage is all about becoming aware and realizing that change is possible.

Design your life

While being in Stage 1, once aware of what your current life is like, the major point at at this time is to make a firm and committed decision to make a change.

You may not yet know what change you want to have, or what your life will look like when you have made that change.  But you know that there are some things in your life that you don't want as it is now.

Making a firm and committed decision is the most important step in this stage, before moving on to the next stage: Stage 2 - Survive & Analayze.

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