Live in abundance

Live in abundance

You have the possibility to live your life in the abundance of the Universe.


For thousands of years, the scholars, scientists and philosophers has claimed that everything in our universe is energy.  In fact, there are a set of principles and Universal laws that are based on the fact that everything in our universe is made from energy.

Today, modern science has been able to prove this statement, that everything is made out of energy.  Even the most solid things, like mountains, rocks, oceans, concrete,…. Everything is made out of 99.9999999% empty space, if you look close enough, and the rest is just energy in various frequencies, amplitude and vibrations.

That includes everything; thoughts, feelings, houses, cars, boats, food, clothes,…. and even money. 

Money is just energy, organized in certain way, in a unique combination of frequency, vibration and amplitude.

Energy is infinite

Since everything in the universe is made up of energy, and the Universe is infinite (at least from our perspective), there is an incredible abundance of energy in the Universe.

And since everything is made up from energy, that transmutes from one form to another, there is nothing that you want or desire, that you cannot have, which cannot be created from the abundance in the Universe.  Not even money.

Therefore, no one on earth should experience lack in any way.  We can all receive, experience and live in the life our dreams and desires.  You can live in the abundance of the Universe.  If you so desire.



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