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About Wesley Enterprises Group

Wesley Enterprises Group

We assist you in taking control, creating freedom in wealth, time & health - to own your life.
By creating freedom in time, health and wealth, you are creating the opportunities for you to experience and have the absolutely best in life. It is all about owning your life and living life to the fullest! And everyone can achieve it.
Wesley Enterprises Group assists and supports you in setting up the structured and managed self-sustaining system you need, in order for you to achieve this freedom, helping you to explore and expand your resources to excellence and mastery.

Wesley Enterprises Group educates, coaches and mentors you to achieve control and freedom - To own your life

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Wesley Enterprises Group develops and provides educations and materials, everything you need to take action to achieve that control and freedom.  We give you the tools and the knowledge to overcome the obstacles and problems in life and to create the success that you vision.  We assists, supports and mentor you to achieve the opportunity and ability to become excellent or a master, whether it being in your personal life or setting up the structured and managed self-sustaining business in order for you to achieve this freedom, making you a business owner or an investor.

We also invest and source opportunities for investing, in order for the investors to achieve financial freedom.


We own and run Wesley Enterprises Group

Wesley Enterprises Group is owned and managed by Ann-Charlotte (Lotta) and Michael Wesley.

Lotta and Michael Wesley are entrepreneurs who have run several companies since 1984, both separately and together since 2007.

Today they own a number of companies, both in Sweden and abroad. The focus is to help people become excellent in everything they do, to be the absolute best they can become and to give all people the opportunity to realize their dreams, goals and visions. To really get the opportunity to take control of their lives and to create the freedom that so many dream about.

We have been working with finance, time, health and personal development for many years, and through the Wesley Enterprises Group we provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of our experiences, lessons learned and strategies.

Mission statement Mission statement

Description of the business in a way that the business would like to be perceived in the future

Wesley Enterprises Group is standing for high quality services and integrity, delivering financial services that creates wealth and prosperity, educational services within wealth, health and personal development, and travel services for lifestyle and life fulfillment.

Vision Vision

How a utopia would look like

Wesley Enterprises Group is providing services to corporations and individuals, continuously creating peak performance organizations results, with high profit and individual wealth, personal development and other fundamentals of freedom and life fulfillment.


How we will reach the vision

Providing high quality services within real estates, stocks, money management, personal development and travel, Wesley Enterprises Group will create relations and networks based on trust, to elevate, promote and support the customers to excellence.


What drives us to run the business

Wesley Enterprises Group is passionate about creating opportunities, assisting and supporting people to excellence and continuous success - to live life to the fullest.


Brands and corporations in the Wesley Enterprises Group network

Wesley Enterprises Holding

Wesley Enterprises Holding is the mother corporation of all our subsidiary corporations and brands. All our subsidiaries and brands are focused on providing you with educational services (live & online) and investment opportunities with good return of interest.
We are currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden and London, Great Brittain.


Online courses & live lectures, workshops and retreats, giving you the tools and keys to creating total freedom in life.


Investing in properties, getting the best return for creating your monitary wealth.


Most of all we want to see you evolve to a magical new level in your life.

Wesley Enterprises Vision of Excellence

Wesley Enterprises Vision of Excellence helps and assists you in creating your dreamlife - the life and lifestyle you are dreaming about, realizing your most inner dreams and visions. We provide all the tools and materials you need to take your life to a life of success, abundance, health, joy, fulfillment, purpose, happiness, logevity and much more. A magical level of living you have never experienced before.

Fulfill your dreams

Find the right way to live your purpose, achive your goals, reach your visions and fulfill your dreams.

Enjoy life

Create the lifestyle of your dreams, so that you may be able to enjoy the life to it's fullest potential.

Freedom in life

Create freedom in life, to do what you are passionate about, from where you want.

Wesley Enterprises Invest

Wesley Enterprises Invest assists you in creating monitary wealth by investing your money in projects that will give a return on your money the that the banks never will.

Start saving

Your first step in creating wealth freedom is to start saving and managing your current money. But that is far from enough....

Start investing

In order to create monitary freedom, you need to invest your money in opportunitiees with good return. We assist you in getting a good return, far better than the bank can ever give you.

Pension investments

You cannot rely on your government pension. You need to invest yourself to ensure that you have enough for your pension. We help you finding the right investments for you.

Wesley Enterprises Academy

Wesley Enterprises Academy, or Excellent You wish is our working name, is our education academy, which will you assist you in getting ahead in your personal development, as well as physical and mental training.


In our academy you can find all our e-courses that will help you in your personal and professional development.

Building your life

With every little piece, will every course, you are creating a better you, on your way to your visions and goals.

Excellence & Mastery

We provide you the tools and educations to become excellent and even a master withing your chosen field.

Blissful Homes by Wesley Enterprises Group

Blissful Homes helps and assists you in acquiring a new first, second or recreational home in the Mediterranean Sea countries. We focus on helping and assisting you to create a joyful lifestyle, far away from snow, rain and lack of sun hours. With our services you will be able to enjoy your magical days in one of the most sunny regions in the world.

New home in the sun

Let us assist you in finding your new home in the sun, whether it being a new first, second or recreational home.

Lifestyle in the sun

How you can become financially free,by changing your thoughts and habits about money.

Free trips to the sun

Accompany us on our introductiontrips to the Mediterranean sea are to learn more about the area and to see how you may be able to create your lifestyle in the sun, with your own home.

Coach People

Coach People holds the services where we assist you in your personal development, whether it being your physical body, mental, mindset, business and career or personal relationships. We provide you with coaching and mentorships that can take you to the top level.

Physical & Mental

For continuous excellent health and high life quality, you need to exercise and develop your mind, as well as your body. We assist you with both.


Coaching can help you achieve so much more in life, having someone to push you and hold you accountable.


With our mentorship program you will have a mentor, holding your hand, all the way in your personal and preofessional development.

Blissful Living

Blissful Living holds our physical and mental health services for long term changes, where our services are focused on holistic seasonal and energy-creating health.

Holistic seasonal health

To get the abolsute best health, according to the eastern scientists you need to consider the changes in the seasons. Our educations and tools are based on a combination of many East Asian knowledge, developed during thousands of years, only to help you have best health possible.

Energizing exercises

Using a combination of East Asian science in combination with more western science about the mind, we assist our clients got get the most out of life, by having a continuous inflow of energy.

Educations & Retreats

Our educations are designed to give you a totally magical life, no matter the time of year. Also to help and assist you to find your inner self, find and explore your true self, and gain power from your inner to vibrant in your outer self.

Free to enjoy life

We think most people want to enjoy life. We actually have, as we know, just one life. And then we must be able to make the most of life. Right?
How would it feel for you to do whatever you want - whenever you want - without having to check if you have the money, if you have the time, or if you have good enough health to do what you dream about?  This is what we call total freedom. And it's only when you have all 3 components that you can really enjoy all life has to offer, without limitations.

Sure! .... You can enjoy life without having these three components. Obviously! And we think that you should do so too.
Take care of all the moments given, all opportunities that come to you, giving you the opportunity to enjoy life.

There may be small moments in everyday life, the silence of a weekend or as most people long for - traveling to other places in the world.
Through this page you will have access to information on how to enjoy the life you have today, tools for more time and thus more time to do what you enjoy, as well as access to amazing trips that you have difficulty to access elsewhere.

Free in health

You are most likely well aware that your health is among the most important things in your life, except for your time.
The status of your health affects, among other things, how much energy you have, which is a prerequisite for you to experience life and to fully enjoy everything it can give you.

Quite common, men are told that they become so fragile and powerless when sick. And so it is for everyone - when you have a disease, infection or other condition that causes your body not to work in unison, in harmony, it takes energy from you.

And to be able to live with high quality of life, the lifestyle you seek and have the opportunity to get the most out of all those wonderful things life has to offer, you must have a good health. A good health does not only mean strength training or running on the treadmill. There is so much more than that; What you choose to eat and what you choose not to eat, your nutritional intake, exercise, breathing, sleep and rest, who you are spending your time with etc. There are so many factors that actually affect your health, how you feel and your energy and the joy and happiness you experience in your life. Everything is connected.

And here you will find tools and information to help you, giving you the best prerequisites for getting the best possible health, so that you have the opportunity to fulfill everything in life you want and that life can fulfill you.


Free in time

Yours and my time is the most valuable we have in our lives.
We have a definite and limited time in our lives to find out what our purpose of life is, to evolve so that we can live up to that purpose and then realize it.

Time is also the most valuable we have, as we, depending on how we spend our time, can create and get so many different experiences in life. You can create experiences that strengthen you and fulfill you, or you can get experiences that destroy you - all depending on what choices you make and what you choose to spend your time on.

Have you noticed that more and more people are getting more and more busy, that they do not have time for anything anymore?
It is more and more common that people no longer have the time to meet or to hang out. They are having trouble catching up with what they are doing at work or spending time on their hobby.
One can easily perceive it as if everyone now has less time at their disposal.

In fact, getting more time at your disposal is not that difficult. However, it requires that you have a certain mindset, which allows you to see all the possibilities available in the universe and around you, as well as some tools and techniques that you use. And here we will give you the opportunity to get to know everything you need to get more available time in your life.

Free in finance

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have all the money you need and want? Then you could actually do everything you want in life - or can you?
Money is a tool !! A tool that can give you access to many other desirable assets. Not the least, they can also help you to get more time at your disposal and better health. They can also help you get more and better experiences in life. But they are not everything, and they can not give you everything in life. They are a tool!

Just like a tree bearing fruit, where you can choose to eat the fruit and sell it, or to plant some of the seeds of the fruit, so you get more trees and therefore more fruits, money works the same way. You can choose to use all of your money, or you can choose to use some of your money to plan new sources that will give you more fruit in the form of more money. £1 can become £10, which can be £100, £1,000  or more. Everything depends on your attitude towards money and how you manage them.

With us, you get the tools and information to see money from a strengthening perspective that allows you to create and retain your money, as well as make you completely financially free.