Path to excellence & mastery: Stage 4 - Massive action

Stage 4 - Massive action - Path to excellence & mastery

The 4:th stage in personal growth and development on The path to Excellence & Mastery.

This stage is all about taking massive action, about realizing the results and desired outcomes, by continuous actions in accordance with your designed action plan (designed at stage 3).

This is about creating that total freedom, where you as an individual own your life, by creating freedom in health, wealth & time, resulting in a life of joy and happiness.
Stage 4 contains the knowledge, tools, processes and structure for creating financial freedom, continuous good health, and managing time and life (including the JAR-system).

Design your life

Results comes from thoughts, which creates feelings, which in turn compels you to take action. But just thinking about your desired results will never create the life of your dreams & desires. Action will.
Therefore, in this stage, you are actually creating your results.
Even though you may encounter obstacles, even if you may fumble and not succeed in creating the results that you want, you will eventually accomplish your desired results, if you just keep at it. That is by law!

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