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Too many people find that they are in a rat race, that they do not have control over what is happening in their lives. They have dreams and desires that they feel they never have the ability to reach, as they feel they do not have the knowledge, money, opportunities or resources to realize them.

Here you will have access to knowledge, information, tools, systems and educations that will help you realize your dreams in life. With all that we offer here you have the opportunity to take control of your life, to create the freedom you desire and long for, and to truly own your life!


Free in finances

How you can become financially free,by changing your thoughts and habits about money.

Free in time

How you can create time for what is important to you

Free in health

How you can create a bery good health and high quality of life

Free to enjoy life

How you can enjoy life through travels and adventures
Your life - your choice

Everything you do in life is a choice!
Every thing you think about, every thing you do is first and foremost a choice where you in your brain have answered a question. And based on your programming, values and beliefs, you make a choice.

 Everything you do - think or act - first, after a conscious or unconscious choice, a choise you made.

And all the choices you make are based on the internal answers you receive on your internal questions. And the questions you ask, what kind of questions, how you formulate them, and what options you give yourself, as well as the answers you come up with, are based on your programming as described earlier - meaning what you think is true and real (your beliefs), what you stand for and who you are (your values and self-image), as well as your past experiences from similar situations and choices.

YourLifeDoesntGetBetterByChanceNow, ff what I stated above is true ..... what does it mean in your life and in my life?

If we could change our programming, what we believe in and our values - can we make new choices and create new results, which create new experiences and references for us? Off course we can!!

Yours and my life could then look quite different - just because we can now make other choices!
It means new choices, which could give you new skills and hence new opportunities to move on to what you are looking for. The knowledge you have and the choices you have previously made have taken you to where you are today, but by changing your programming you can make new choices and therefore become what you want.

Select - deselect, Deselect - select

One thing that might be good to be aware of, is that each time you make a choice, and select to go one way in life, to take an opportunity, at the same time, you deselect at least one other option. Similarly, whenever you deselect something, you open up for new opportunities to enter your life. You just have to be open to all opportunities that come your way. And because the universe is infinite and consists of an abundant abundance, the opportunities and selection you have are in principle unlimited.

WhatYouDoTOdayEveryone makes the best choice they can

Yet another thing that's important to carry with you, especially if you experience being hurt by someone else, you have been deceived or upset for something that another person has done - Everyone (yes, all, really, all) people, make the best choices they can, based on the situation and the resources they perceive they have at their disposal.
Their motives can sometimes be perceived selfish, and so it may be, since one of the brain's most basic functions is to make sure that you as an individual are safe and secure.
No matter - everyone makes the choices they think is best.

A choice must have at least 3 options

Tony Robbins, one of the absolute greatest in personal development, peak performance and development towards success, says:
You really do not have the opportunity to make a good choice until you have at least 3 options to hoose from. So if you do not have 3 options - make no decision until you think about everything and be able to get at least 3 options. Ath that point, you have the opportunity to make a good decision.

We will come back with tools for doing your programming, creating new values and beliefs so that you can make better choices.

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With a deep and fiery passion Michael helps people discover all their inner resources and potential, to create internal and external freedom, to achieve control and to own their life.

He is also passionate about passing on a legacy where we all contribute to a better world, a community built on respect, care, cooperation and love. As an authority in life management strategies, Michael works with a results-driven focus to assist, coach and mentor his clients in developing their mental and physical resources and ability to achieve amazing continuous successes, on their path to excellence and mastery.
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